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Funny Face Swap - Face Juggler


If you look at funny swapped images, and wonder how they are done, well not anymore, Face Swap App will will help your Swap Faces live, Face switch helps you swap faces and share with friends.Face Swap lets you selected photos from SD card or phone camera and have funn with them, by changing their face in one click.
Face Swap - face juggle app automatically detects the faces in the photos using an amazing face detection algorithm, no need to go for face swap online, just download app and make them spooky.
Face swap lets you swap anytwo faces in one photo, its the new cool face changer app, change the faces and have fun.
With Face Swap, forget about the complex Photoshop and getting stuck with random changes, just forget all those and use this face swap live.
Just like swap face snapchat, you will be able to flip photos, move and adjust them to fit it properly, and make them interesting.
Take group pictures and swap them, be a swapper, using face swap app, like celebrity face swap you also can swap faces in realtime.
Use it to Amuze people, swap and be cool, play with faces, be it a fatty image or skinny, face swwap does all the magic.
Make pranks out of your friends by using funn to use swap app and switch faces. warp the face and make them look funny.
Important:Simply take a picture, or import one from your gallery, and Face Swap - Face Juggler will scan and locate the faces. Don’t worry if it won’t detect your face, just drag and resize the masks over the faces. Then push the Swap button and get creative by changing people faces!
Some Amazing features.? Automatic face detection. (No need to click and select the face)? Multiple picture importing options: device’s camera, photo roll or picture gallery.? Face Scaling ( Just touch any face with one finger and drag another finger anywhere on screen to scale).? Face Rotation ( Select a face and use rotation slider to maintain the rotation of selected face).? Flip faces? Swap faces? Automatic Save to SD card feature? Share on facebook, whatsapp, instagram and many others.
?Tips?Face Swap - Face Juggler Works best with front face photos!